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Franklin Graham stumping for Trump
Conservative Christianity as Threat to Democracy
Christians should support democracy. This should not be a shocking statement. It should not even need ...
graphic of an eroding mind
The Deconstruction of American Evangelicalism
We are witnessing at this moment the intellectual deconstruction of a religious group that has been ...
Image of US Flag Torn in Half Like A Broken Boat on the Ocean
Why the U.S. Is Uniquely Divided: Engaging a Scholar from New Zealand
My last column for BNG, “Covid Wars,” offered a lament over our divided nation. It did ...
Map of America with Voting Signs
COVID Wars: Lament over a Broken, Divided nation
I was talking with a senior Mercer University colleague yesterday about the divisions engulfing our nation ...
Teens in a class field trip
On Afghanistan, There Were No Innocent Choices Available
There were no morally unambiguous options, no innocent choices, facing President Joe Biden when it came ...
nuclear war memorial image
On this Anniversary of the Atomic Bomb, How Shall Christians Think about U.S. Foreign Policy?
I write this post on Aug. 6, the 76th anniversary of the U.S. atomic bombing of ...

Kingdom Ethics Podcast

Discussions of Ethics, Leadership, and World Issues from a Christian perspective distinctly informed by the teachings found in the Sermon on the Mount, with co-hosts David Gushee and Jeremy Hall.

A Covid-19 Lament

Sep 16, 2021

Afghanistan 8/19/21

Aug 19, 2021

The Truth Needs a Comeback

Aug 18, 2021

Kingdom as Narrative Framework

Aug 11, 2021


Jul 19, 2021

Covenant Love

Jul 2, 2021
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